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Since 1993
Brasco has integrated each of the above technologies into our shelters, for both AC and DC powered systems.
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Brasco has worked hard over the past 30 years to become an industry expert in integrating solar-powered lighting systems with transit shelter designs.

Brasco has established itself as a pioneer in the field of solar-powered lighting and USB charging solutions for bus shelters. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Brasco has developed a range of cutting-edge products that cater to the needs of modern commuters. Our solar lighting solutions not only provide reliable illumination for passengers waiting at bus shelters but also help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Brasco’s solar USB charging ports offer a convenient way for people to charge their devices on-the-go without having to rely on traditional power sources. Our team enjoys opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders in the E-Ink and digital display fields to integrate their technologies into our shelters. This allows our customers to provide an even more engaging and interactive experience for commuters while also promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

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Sustainability & Best practices

Brasco has been a leading manufacturer of
aluminum and steel streetscape furniture
for over 30 years.

With that, all manufacturing operations are located under one roof to ensure we meet the desired quality and schedule for our projects.

Highlights that set Brasco apart:

  • Quality Control is Maintained Under One Roof: Sales, Engineering, Operations, Fabrication, Powder Coating, Project Management
  • All products are Made In The USA and Buy America Compliant
  • We Have 30+ Years of Industry Expertise in Shelter Engineering & Fabrication
  • Each Customer has One Designated Sales Account Manager and Project Manager
  • We Deliver Completely Pre-Assembled Roofs for Ease of Installation
  • We’ve Been Fabricating Solar Lighting Packages for over 15 Years.
  • We Operate with Best-in-Industry Technology Including CAD and Inventor Engineering Programming
  • All of Our Welders are AWS Certified
  • We are IWAY Certified for Meeting International Quality Operating Standards
  • We’re an environmentally responsible manufacturer and use recyclable aluminum, HDPE, and a zero volatile organic compound (VOC) powder coat finish.
  • Our facility produces zero air, water or soil waste output, and excess materials are recycled or repurposed for future uses.

Aluminum shavings & drops are collected and recycled to make new extrusions & castings.

Wooden crates, pallets, and excess lumber that’s used for shipping and storage are chipped and repurposed.

Office paper & cardboard is separated from regular waste and recycled.

Our non-volatile organic compound (VOC) powder coat is applied in-house and Brasco produces zero air, water, or ground waste through this process.

Unused plastic glazing (acrylic, polycarbonate, twin wall) is collected, sold to be melted down & repurposed.

Sustainability doesn’t only mean environmental. Brasco considers social and economical factors as critical components of the sustainability trifecta. We are experts in constant improvement, whether it is energy efficiency analysis, operations improvements, or capital investments for long-term growth.

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