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Brasco Bus Shelters Capture The Spirit of The Hidden Valley Community Through Public Art

Hidden Valley, North Carolina

At Brasco International, Inc., we believe that transit shelters should not only provide functional convenience but also reflect the unique identity and spirit of the communities they serve. Meet our esteemed customer, Tom Stanley, who recently embarked on a journey to elevate the transit experience by customizing two Techline Series Bus Shelters for his community. Let’s dive into how Tom Stanley and his team transformed a simple shelter into a captivating work of art that adds a touch of flair to the Hidden Valley, NC community.

Unleashing Creativity on Glass: Tom Stanley wanted the Brasco Techline Series Bus Shelters to embody a sense of local culture and heritage through eye-catching art. To bring his vision to life, he collaborated with local artist, Unique Patton and Brasco’s team of shelter experts, who skillfully applied the pair’s artwork onto the glass panels of the shelter. From intricate tree patterns to poems of hope, promise, and shelter; every detail was meticulously crafted to create a stunning masterpiece that would captivate the community.

A Reflection of Community Pride: The custom artwork on Tom Stanley’s Techline Series Shelters serves as a reflection of the community’s pride and identity. People waiting for buses are treated to an array of visual delights which embody the essence of local culture, traditions, and landmarks. The Tom Stanley Art shelters have become more than just a place to wait for a bus; they have become a source of inspiration, conversation, and connection among community members.

Promoting Local Art and Talent: With his wealth of experience as a visual artist, Tom Stanley joined forces with the talented Unique Patton, a recent graduate, to orchestrate the captivating artwork displayed on the shelter glass. A tapestry of inspiration was woven into the shelter by local students who contributed stories and poems inspired by their communities. By fostering partnerships with local artists and aspiring talents, Stanley’s initiative not only brought aesthetic beauty to the Hidden Valley community but also served as a noteworthy platform for artists and students to showcase their creativity and potential. This collaborative endeavor has sparked meaningful conversations about the pivotal role of art in public spaces.

Creating Lasting Impressions: Tom Stanley’s Art Shelters have become a welcomed addition to the Hidden Valley community. Displaying unique artwork has created a lasting impression on residents and visitors alike. The shelters have transformed from a functional necessity to a captivating landmark that draws people in, sparking curiosity and admiration. Stanley’s investment in customization has not only enhanced the transit experience but also contributed to the overall vibrancy and sense of pride within his community.

Tom Stanley’s Techline Shelters stand as a shining example of how transit shelters can be transformed into captivating works of art. By combining his vision and artistry with Brasco’s collaborative design experience, he has created an engaging transit experience that sparks pride, conversation, and connection in Hidden Valley’s community. Tom’s project reminds us of the immense potential that lies within customization, encouraging others to embrace their creativity and make a lasting impact through transit shelter artwork.

At Brasco International, we are proud to have been a part of Tom Stanley’s journey and to continue supporting customers in their quest to redefine transit shelters. Together, we can unleash our creativity and transform transit infrastructure into inspiring canvases that celebrate the spirit of our communities.

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