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Slimline Series Bus Shelter For Port Authority


This bus shelter transformation took place at the Mall at Robinson in Pennsylvania. The original yellow barrel-roof passenger shelter was installed in 2001 for Port Authority of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. This past month, Brasco International provided their updated shelters as part of a contract with Port Authority. The updated shelter is part of a territory-wide initiative by Port Authority to update and provide additional bus shelters for their communities. Being the second largest public transportation provider in the state, Port Authority’s transit services provide more than 60 million rides annually within Pittsburgh and Allegheny County’s communities. The availability of safe and reliable public transportation is vital to the growth and development of all cities.

The new shelters that Brasco International is supplying Port Authority are Slimline Series Shelters with Standing Seam Aluminum Hip Roofs. The modular design of the Slimline Series Shelters allows Port Authority to choose a variety of shelter configurations and dimensions to fit their bus stop shelter needs. Port Authority chose to install shelters with partial side walls and cantilevered-style roofs for areas with narrow pathways. The dark bronze anodized finish helps protect the aluminum and fit Port Authority’s aesthetic needs. Additionally, some configurations of Port Authority’s Slimline Series Shelters include HDPE benches for their passengers comfort.

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