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Brasco Introduces Motion Activated, Touchless SolStop

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority also known as LANta, is the first transit agency in the country to implement the Touchless SolStop™ along their bus routes in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The addition of the Touchless SolStops is a part of a larger program the transit agency has set forth to update bus stop locations throughout the Lehigh and Northampton Counties.

The Touchless SolStops for LANta include the classic pre-assembled, pre-wired SolStop™ with perforated aluminum bench seating for waiting riders’ comfort, motion-activated sensor, and all-in-one head enclosure which houses the solar panel, battery, and LED lighting. LANta also chose to personalize their SolStops by adding their color-scheme with Ultramarine Blue powder coat paint on the bench seating and Traffic Black on the pole, head, and base of the SolStop™.

Motion-Activated Touchless SolStop™

As COVID-19 has swept our country, Brasco has been looking for ways to fight the spread of germs with our customers. First, we had introduced the Guardian Medical Shelter to help protect frontline medical workers from the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Next, Brasco introduced the Touchless SolStop™, a thoughtful alternative to our classic SolStop™. Brasco’s innovative drive to provide our customers with value-adding bus stop solutions continues to evolve as the world around us does.

The Touchless SolStop™ uses motion-activated technology to prompt the solar powered LED lighting to turn on, illuminating the surrounding area. Unlike the traditional SolStop™ which has a push button activated sensor, the motion activated sensor eliminates the need for users to physically touch any part of this public fixture. Brasco’s goal for the Touchless SolStop™ is to stop the spread of virus causing germs like COVID-19 at bus stop locations, while still providing innovative solar lighting solutions to the public.

SolStop Highlights:

  • Minimal installation required. Factory pre-wired and pre-assembled.
  • Can be retrofitted to existing poles.
  • Easily branded with a wide variety of powder coat paint colors.
  • ADA compliant light activation sensor.

Improved Safety and Experience:

  • Increases confidence of waiting riders.
  • Deters crime at bus stop locations.
  • Reduces ridership pass-bys.
  • Positions transit agency as a green energy leader using solar technology and LED lighting.
  • Illuminates wayfinding signage, making it easier for waiting riders to read.

Reduced Operating Costs:

  • The SolStop™ is a one-time expense, there is no monthly utility bills.
  • Easy installation reduces installation costs.
  • LED lighting has a 50,000-hour life span.

About the Touchless Sensor:

The motion-activated sensor used in our Touchless SolStop is an all-weather rated compact acrylic dome. The sensor illuminates white light when not in operation and switches to green when someone swipes their hand in front of the sensor. The sensor will not activate by someone simply walking past the SolStop™ system. It only registers motion within 6 inches of the sensor, as to not illuminate the bus stop location when it is not needed.

This technology is introduced in our SolStop product line to help transit passengers reduce physical contact with public surfaces in hopes to slow the spread of germs and viruses. As we collectively continue to navigate through the pandemic, Brasco will remain a trusted leader in providing our customers with the latest innovations in transit shelter and streetscape technology.

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