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Mt. Hope Station Transit Center in College Town

Rochester, New York

RGRTA is putting in a handful of Satellite Centers at locations across their service area. These satellite centers have higher traffic volumes and they wanted to go with a high end look for these new developments. This custom shelter is going to the new Mt. Hope Station Transit Center in College Town (Rochester, NY – Intersection of Mt. Hope Avenue and Elmwood Avenue). The site is currently owned by University of Rochester and RGRTA worked with them and the engineering firm (Bergmann Associates) on the project. The design was centered aroung large, rectangular metal columns and beams which were tweaked by Brasco engineers to include 6” x 12” structural extrusions. The customer also wanted the gull wing glass roof with a gutter in the center. The water is funneled to one side and down a column with a built in scupper. The shelter will also have lighting, heat, a real time LED information screen and vertical signage with station identification.

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