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Upgraded Bus Stop Shelters with Public Artwork

Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Town of Chapel Hill continues to upgrade bus shelters throughout their community by working with local artists to incorporate eye-catching graphics. Brasco supplies the town with a variety of shelters including our latest Curved I-Beam Interlude Shelters in both 8′ and 16′ lengths. These modern shelters feature arched roofs with double blade rafters, tempered safety glass wall panels with stainless-steel glass clamps, solar powered LED lighting, and complementary Interlude Series benches.

Every piece of artwork applied to the transit bus shelters in this community is unique. Each design comes from a different artist and tells a different story. To view all of the enhanced shelters artwork and inspiration, visit the Town of Chapel Hill’s Community Art’s and Culture website HERE.

All shelters supplied to the Town of Chapel Hill are NCDOT approved, following strict structural engineering guidelines and ensuring the structures meet all structural codes for the state of North Carolina.

To learn more about this project and others like it, contact our sales team at sales@brasco.com.


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