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Brasco and CHK America have designed the SmartStop® for agencies seeking a solar powered solution for information displays. The SmartStop® features two 13” Digital Bus Stops using E-Ink technology and one 10” interactive tablet. This solar-powered solution enables transit agencies to deliver service updates to bus stops efficiently from one central location. It also allows agencies to deliver real-time departure information, dynamic messaging and advertising. The best part is that the unit is solar powered, eliminating the need for expensive electrical infrastructure improvements. In addition to its digital displays, there is abundant room for static signage or advertising, and front and side real estate for branding

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SmartStop Product Specification SmartStop®.pdf

Digital Technology Collection 2020-Brasco-Solar-Technology-Collection.pdf

Glazing and Color Options 2020-Brasco-Glazing-and-Finish-Options.pdf

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