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The ConnectPoint® digital bus stop (DBS) series offers remote schedule updating, reduced field maintenance and high-end “green agency” branding.  Within the series are three screen size options: 10”, 13” and 32”.  All displays can be oriented vertically or horizontally.  All displays are available in only black and white at this time.

ConnectPoint® DBS Highlights:  

– Choose between A/C or solar power source
– Eliminate printing and maintenance costs of traditional printed material
– Eliminate costs of electrical infrastructure of traditional digital displays
– Display real-time departures, route maps, static schedules and messages
– Receive notifications about system health, low battery levels and scheduled maintenance
– Send alerts for service disruptions and upcoming schedule change
– Ruggedized for extreme outdoor environments
– Mounts to any bus stop pole or shelter
– Field swappable in minutes

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Product Information 2020-Digital-Wayfinding-ConnectPoint®32.pdf

Digital Technology Collection 2020-Brasco-Solar-Technology-Collection.pdf

Glazing and Color Options 2020-Brasco-Glazing-and-Finish-Options.pdf

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