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Solar Powered Solutions

USA Manufacturer of Bus Stop & Transit Passenger Waiting Shelters, Custom Shelters, Transit Solar Lighting Packages, BRT Shelters, Bike and Bicycle Shelters, Shopping Cart Corrals, Covered Walkways, the SolStop, Digital Wayfinding and Advertising Boxs. Made in USA and is Buy America Compliant.

Brasco has designed and fabricated solar lighting systems for over 20 years, with customers located across the United States and Canada.  We offer standard lighting systems as well as tailored systems for both in-shelter and free-standing solutions.  All packages are made in the USA and Buy America compliant.

Our solar lighting packages are made in-house with UL Listed LED lights, solar panels and batteries for the highest level of safety and performance.  Each lighting package can be retrofitted onto an existing shelter or integrated into new orders.  For environments without shelters, we offer the SolStop™, which provides solar powered lighting at the push of a button.

We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible and enjoy educating the clients on how to understand and maintain their lighting systems.  Since all operations are done in-house, we’re able to provide the most competitive values on the market, and ship all solar packages pre-installed to their shelter roofs.

solar lighting transit package, bus stop solar lighting, bus shelter solar lighting by Brasco International, Inc. Made in USA

To the right are before and after photos of a solar lighting shelter program for VIA Metropolitan Transit system.  VIA replaced their current solar lighting shelters (left) with our solar powered Bayline shelters (right).

Listed below are the LED light fixtures that are available for our systems, the SolStop™, and various shelter examples.  Our packages are available with flexible or rigid solar panels, depending on location and shelter roof type.  Examples of both are included.  For a quote, or to speak with a Brasco rep, call (313) 393-0393 or email us here.

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