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Straight I-Beam Interlude Shelter ready to ship to your projects location. This Interlude Series Shelter features straight I-Beam columns, tempered safety glass walls, and sloped flat roof with bronze structured polycarbonate glazing. Equipped with an A/C lit 4′ x 6′ two-sided advertising box, integrated A/C powered LED lighting in the rafters, custom woodgrain powder coat accents, and a matching Interlude Series Bench.

Please note, this shelter will not have the real-time digital signage included. The rear wall will feature all clear tempered safety glass panels with stainless steel glass clamps.

Price: $17,775 Plus Freight

To inquire about this shelter, email a Brasco representative at sales@brasco.com.

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Depth 5'

Length 12'

Configuration Full Rear Wall, Side Wall Advertising Box

Wall Glazing 3/8" Clear Tempered Safety Glass

Roof Glazing 16mm Bronze Structured Polycarbonate

Powder Coat Finish Grey Aluminum RAL 9007 with Dark Walnut Woodgrain Accents

Add-Ons A/C Powered 4' x 6' Ad Box, A/C Powered LED Lighting in Rafters, Custom Woodgrain Powder Coat Accents, 6' Interlude Series Bench

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