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Brasco’s Guardian medical administration shelter allows front line medical professionals to be completely enclosed inside of a securely locked shelter while administering critical tests to those who need them most. In efforts to contain and limit the spread of COVID-19, our engineering team has designed a patent pending medical administration shelter that allows medical providers to interact, test, and treat patients with virtually no direct contact; allowing for less PPE usage, increased protection for medical workers and patients, and complete sanitization of the remote mobile testing shelters.

The patent-pending Guardian medical testing shelter was thoughtfully designed with front line medical workers in mind. The standard shelter is constructed out of clear tempered safety glass and structural grade aluminum allowing for quick and easy disinfecting and virtually no maintenance required. Shelters ship fully pre-assembled and come with concrete anchoring hardware.

Brasco’s engineering team calculates all shelters to meet worst case wind, snow & seismic loads for each project location.



Remote Mobile  Medical Testing

It is our goal to keep those experiencing symptoms of many communicable illnesses separate from others to prevent the spread and flatten the curve. Our shelter will  allow patients to feel safe and receive the test and care they need without entering a hospital.

External Employee/ Visitor Screening

Screen employees and/or visitors prior to entering a facility; further protecting the workforce from preventable illnesses.

Complete Body Protection

Medical professionals will be able to enter the shelter through a keyed door and interact with patients through iris arm ports; removing patient-provider contact.

Reduced Need For PPE

With the shelter enclosure acting as a barrier between patient and provider, medical personnel will only be required to change gloves and disinfect the shelter between shifts.

Quick and Easy Sanitization

Many facilities are using tents as their shelters which cannot be easily sanitized. Tempered safety glass, aluminum and plastic allows for complete sanitization, further reducing the spread of illnesses.

Facilitates Faster Testing

Medical providers will be consuming less PPE allowing them to test a greater number of patients with diminished downtime between patients.

Long-Lasting Durable Shelter

Guardian medical testing shelters are built locally in the United States. Going forward, continuation of administering tests for illnesses such as COVID-19 is increasingly important to flatten the curve and prevent the general public from coming into contact with the pathogen. This shelter in engineered to withstand environmental and weather requirements including high wind events such as tornadoes. 

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