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The Slimline Reverse Barrel is a different take on our Barrel, and is an iconic outline well-suited for areas with high snow loads.

Standard options include clear or bronze anodized finish or choose custom wall and roof glazing to tailor this design to match your brand colors. Select from aluminum, structured polycarbonate or acrylic glazed roof.

The Slimline series is versatile in size and can be tailored to fit nearly any specific footprint. For a narrow footprint, cantilevered roofs are ideally
suited to limited pathways. Brasco’s engineering team calculates all shelters to meet local wind, snow & seismic load requirements.

Slimline Series shelters are easily configured to for tailored branding through color choices, graphics, and display options.

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Depths 4', 5', 6'

Lengths 8', 10', 12', 14', 18'

Add-ons Solar LightingAdvertising BoxDisplay CaseDigital Real-time Sign

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