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The Eclipse series transit shelter delivers an urban edge to any streetscape with its contemporary roof lines and bold round columns. It features 4.5” or 6” round pocketed columns and header to conceal hardware and provide unparalleled structural integrity.

The Eclipse shelter is a great example of Brasco’s innovative design capabilities. Available with a sloped or arched roof with cantilevered, full, or no walls. Roof glazing can be transparent with polycarbonate or acrylic or opaque with powder coated aluminum. Consider adding solar lighting to this shelter, which is designed with a low profile flexible solar panel and header mounted battery box. It’s available with or without a front windscreen and can be paired with an AC or DC illuminated advertising display. Various wall glazing options are available, including tempered glass or perforated aluminum, both of which can be tailored with custom branding elements. This shelter also offers vertical column LED strip lighting. Available only in a powder coat finish.

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