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Welcome the Axle Retreat to our bus shelter product line! Designed in early 2021, the Axle Retreat offers the overhead coverage that a traditional transit stop shelter would provide, but with the most minimal footprint. This shelter design is the ideal solution for transit stops that cannot fit a full-sized shelter.

The Axle Retreat’s basis of design is a combination of our patented SolStop and Axle Series Shelters. The SolStop is a stand-alone solar powered lighting solution which provides riders with safety illumination while they wait for their transportation. Our Axle Series Shelter offers broad overhead coverage for both transit and bike shelter applications. Together, the construction allows for an all-in-one micro shelter solution.

Brasco designed the shelter to have a 6′ x 6′ barrel style roof with a singular 6″ x 6″ aluminum support column. Customize the Axle Retreat through unique powder coat paint colors and material options.

Additional options customers can add to their Axle Retreat is our SolStop bench, schedule holder, and touchless light activation sensor.


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Depths 6'

Lengths 6'

Add-ons SolStop BenchSchedule Holder


Product Specification Axle Retreat Shelter.pdf

Glazing and Color Options Brasco-Finish-Options.pdf

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