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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation & Maintenance Question

All of Brasco shelters require a minimum of 4” thick concrete pad. Please review our standard Concrete pad recommendation sheet HERE. Brasco offers concrete pad design and analysis for customer’s specific shelters by a licensed structural engineer for an additional fee.

Yes, all Brasco shelters require assembly and installation. Each order comes with a detailed set of installation instructions along with a hardware box which includes all necessary hardware and anchor bolts for installation. You may review Brasco standard installation instructions HERE.

Brasco is a supply-only manufacturer. We do not provide installation for our shelters. However, we do provide installation instructions for each order. Our team is here to help assist with any installation questions you may have. Please contact our Project Manager, Vanessa Bagwell, by email at vbagwell@brasco.com or by phone at 313-393-0393 x 228.

We recommend a team of at least 4-6 people install our shelters. We recommend the team of installers to have experience with the tools required for installation. General contractors are best for installation of bus shelters.

We do not have a list of recommended installers. Any general contractor in your area would be qualified to install our structures.

Yes, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of our shelters. Just like any outdoor structure, our shelters are exposed to various environmental factors that can impact their appearance and functionality over time. Regular cleaning, inspection of components, and addressing any minor repairs promptly can help maintain the shelter's aesthetic appeal and functionality. We also offer maintenance guidelines to help you keep your shelters in excellent condition. You can find the maintenance guide HERE. Proper maintenance not only enhances the lifespan of the shelters but also ensures a comfortable and safe experience for transit users.

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