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United Way Presented City of Burlington with $100,000 Check for Public Transit

Originally Published by The Times News

During a city council meeting, the City of Burlington was presented with a check in the shape of a bus. The United Way of Alamance County donated a total of 100,000 to the citys new public transportation system. United Way President Heidi Norwick says that it was the first time the organization made a donation of this size to a municipality. The United Way’s board of directors intends to work with the city to “develop a way to most effectively utilize these funds,” Norwick said.

According to Norwick, the money is from the reserve funds. During a March meeting, it was decided by the board of directors to allolocate the money.

“The city of Burlington is taking the lead to bring this service to our community and we are excited to support the council and offer an alternative for folks to get to work, school or health and human service appointments,” said Norwick. “United Way works with our partners to deliver programs and services that target community needs centered on the building blocks of life: a quality of education that leads to stable employment, financial stability, health and family stability,”

Photo Credit: United Way of Alamance County

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