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The Best ASLA Expo in Years at This Year’s Show in Denver.

This year’s show was a blast and thanks to everyone who brought their best ideas and designs.  Brasco showcased its Green Roof System on its Shade model bike shelter.  The shelter also featured column LED strip lights, flex solar panel and overhead tube LED lighting.

Hot topics this year addressed water conservation and sustainable designs, all encompassed in bike shelter design.  Our Green Roof System has been applied to numerous transit shelter in the Boston area wtih incredible results.  Green roofs are great for colelcting carbon, cooling the air, and collecting rain water.  Contact us at HERE or call 1-800-893-3665 to get more information on how to apply green roofs to your shelters and community.


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green roof, bus stop shelter, bike shelter, manufacturer usa    green roof, bus stop shelter, bike shelter, manufacturer usa


Learn more about the ASLA EXPO HERE.

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