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Smog Fighting Bus Stop Shelter

Hong Kong, known for its beautiful skyline and pollution is trying something new to clean up the air. Disguised as a bus stop, the City Air Purification System prototype is a solar-powered purifier that sucks in the smog ridden air and filters out dangerous pollutants. Developed by London based Arup and Hong Kong’s Sino Group, this “bus-stop shelter” is able to collect air quality data in real-time in the area around it.

Placed on one of Hong Kong’s busiest street back in March, Queen East Road, the prototype has already recorded a 30 to 70 percent reduction in particular matter. “We are glad that the empirical data show encouraging results with significant improvement in concentration of pollutants,” said Jimmy Tong of Arup. “Street Canyon Effect attributes to the accumulation of air pollutants on the street; meanwhile, the air purification system allows simultaneous production of air currents in between buildings and roads which generate wind channels to improve roadside ventilation in addition to purify air through filtration.” The purification system can successfully remove PM10 and PM2.5 particles which are dangerous to the human respiratory system.

Although, not big enough to cure Hong Kong’s pollution issue, there is hope that the system will work with other bus stop shelters to help improve the air quality. Enhancements are already underway to improve the prototype including a mist cooling system for hot weather. “We hope this green initiative brings real benefits to our society, and also inspires more people to contribute to a greener future,” said David Ng, Executive Assistant to Chairman of the Sino Group.

Photo Credit: SIno Group

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