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Public Transit Has Many Benefits, Here is Six

According to The Benefits of Transit in the United States: A Review and Analysis of Benefit-Cost Studies,” a recently released white paper by the Mineta Transportation Institute, transit services provide a measureable benefits across various environments. Here’s how:

Transit can save you money: Quality public transit gives people the opportunity to spend less on transportation. Taking transit instead of driving cuts out unwanted expenses such as gas, insurance and operating cost.

Small areas also benefit: Urban areas are not the only ones benefiting from public transit. Although challenging, rural areas are also found exceed transit cost.

Significant Job & economic growth: More than one-third of the total transit cost if paid by the economy and jobs. Job and economy stimulus are among one of the largest benefits of transit.

Share of Total Benefits for Each Benefit Category for Rural and Small Urban Areas in the U.S. Source: Based on Godavarthy et al. (2014).

Can reduce your health care cost: Low-income people are more likely to skip treatments without a reliable source of transportation. Access to medical transit services improves public health and reduces the cost of health care in society.

Creates a safe and secure environment: Public transit helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, dependency on foreign oil and improves emergency response, etc.

Areas with BRT systems can gives you traffic reduction benefits:  Areas with designated bus/rail/bike lanes allows you to bypass congestion and traffic.

Photo Credits: Texas Transportation Institute (2012) & Mineta Transportation Institute 

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