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Metro Atlanta Transit Riders to Earn Credits

Last Monday, SRTA, the State Road and Tollway Authority, announced its launch of the Ride Transit –Earn Toll Credits program. This program is in partnership with GRTA, the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority and Gwinnett County Transit (GCT).  The goal of this pilot program is to bring more people into the transit world. Commuters of I-85, a major highway in northeast Metro Atlanta, can earn $2 in toll credits per every transit trip for a total of $10 every month.  They can earn up to a maximum of $60 over a 6-month period. In order to take advantage of this program, commuters must first sign up for a Peach Pass, formally Cruise Card, linked to a toll account. They must also have an Xpress Pass or a MARTA Breeze card. To sign up, commuters must visit the Peach Pass website.

“By letting someone else do the driving, commuters can save money, put less wear-and-tear on their personal vehicles and relax, study or get some  work done ahead of schedule, says SRTA and GRTA Executive Director Christopher Tomlinson.

As one of three new pilot programs started by SRTA and GRTA, the Ride Transit-Earn Toll Credits project helps counteract the increase in toll from the  continues elevated usage of 1-85 Express Lanes.  Ride Transit- Earn Toll reached out to many frequent rush hour users of I-85 Express Lanes to offer  them credits for changing their commutes to earlier or later peak periods. SRTA plans to announce a partnership later this spring with Georgia Commute Options to offer additional incentives to carpoolers of I-85.

Ride Transit-Earn Toll Credits has launched in perfect timing to MARTA extending its services to the City of Morrow, a southeast Atlanta city. Since Morrow lost its own public transit C-TRAN back in 2010, due to lack of funding, residents and commuters have struggled. Commuters coming from the north end of Atlanta now have ability to reach Morrow through public transit.


Photo Credits: MARTA

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