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MasterCard’s MasterPass & Cubic’s NextWave Announced Global Partnership

Want to experience a faster and more convenient way to ride public transportation? Then you might want to consider moving to Chicago or London. Don’t forget your MasterCard. Last week, MasterCard announced its’ partnership with Cubic Transportation System at the Mobile World Congress. Cubic is a provider of smart city solutions in North America, Europe, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific. Millions of commuters will benefit from this partnership around the world seeing a faster, more convenient and personal way to navigate transit by using their mobile devices.

A huge portion of the world’s population resides in metropolises and their transit systems have reached their limits. Transportation authorities are desperately trying to find ways to make commuter rides more pleasing and as smooth as possible. Now, with smart devices being introduced, public transit riders can expect an ongoing connection with service operations, before, during and after their ride.

The combination of MasterCard and Cubic are aiming to:

  • Provide individual travelers with real-time guidance on their mobile devices on the smartest way to travel, offering fare incentives if the system becomes congested or overcrowded.
  • Enable transportation operators to offer flexible pricing based on system demand.
  • Offer retailers at and around transportation hubs ways to alert travelers to personalized offers and rewards on the go.

MasterPass, MasterCard’s digital payment service will be integrating its’ services with Cubic’s NextWave app which allows people to purchase tickets and view travel information. An estimated $200 billion cash payment will be transformed into digital payments and saving operators cost for cash-handling. This in time will call an end to multi-ticket rides and transfers making it easier on riders.

“MasterCard and Cubic, both lead members in the Smart Cities Council, share a vision to improve quality of life for everyday citizens in cities and help authorities to better manage population growth and urban development,” said Will Judge, head of Urban Mobility, MasterCard Enterprises Partnerships.

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