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A Snazzy New Transit Experience for Commuters

Originally Posted by CBS Local

A new way to ride public transit has just hit the San Francisco city area. Leap Transit, an ultra-modern, sophisticated and huge upgrade is now available to commuters.  Described as a cross between a Muni bus and Uber taxi, Leap is a private transit company with buses that are more in line with a snazzy café than a crowded city bus. Its’ interior features wood paneling, work station and attendants that are available to serve Blue Bottle coffee and Noosa yogurt. Riders also have an added bonus of using Leap’s free Wi-Fi and USB plugs to stay connected on their devices.

Leap will get riders from the Marina to the Financial District for just $6 one way or $4 (if just using pre-tax commuter benefits).  Riders can view all of Leap’s bus stops and track buses in real time by using the app or signing in on their webpage. Leap’s average arrival time is between 10 to 15 minutes during peak hours.

Kyle Kirchhoff, the CEO and Founder says, “Although San Franciscans have more options for getting to work than ever before, the headaches remain. “During peak hours it can be difficult to find a seat on public transit, and private car services are expensive and increasingly unpredictable.”

Photo Credits: Leap Tranist

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