Tailor your design by selecting the colors and materials you prefer.  Most options are listed below, but our account managers are the best resource for selecting which choices are best suited for your needs.  

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Metal Surface Finishes

Frames & Accessories
Aluminum Roof Panels

Roof Glazing

Standard Roof Glazing
Custom Example - Teal Acrylic Roof
Polycarbonate Color Options

Wall Glazing

Standard Wall Glazing
Tempered Glass Decal Example
Laminate Glass Ceramic Frit Example
Standard Perforated Aluminum Example
Custom Perforated Aluminum Example

Benches & Leaning Rails

Aluminum Slats
HDPE Slats
HDPE Slats - Engraving Option
Perforated Aluminum - Example
Perforated Aluminum - Engraving Option

Decorative Grillwork

Cart Corral Grillwork Styles

Roof Finials

Bus Shelter Example
Cart Corral Example